Nordic Condos, Toronto

STO – stucco product

Project: Nordic Condos, Toronto

Category: Condos

Date Started: July 2021

Date Completed: Ongoing


The implementation of the STO – stucco product has been pivotal in the ongoing construction of the Nordic Condos project in Toronto, which commenced in July 2021. This advanced stucco solution has significantly contributed to elevating the project’s aesthetics, durability, and energy efficiency, marking a significant advancement in environmentally conscious construction practices.

Comprising two striking buildings, each soaring to 12 storeys, the Nordic Condos project boasts a combined total of 429 and 160 units, respectively. These buildings have been meticulously designed with a strong focus on sustainability, incorporating responsive and renewable materials and systems to minimize environmental impact while maximizing energy savings.

A notable highlight of the project is the incorporation of prefabricated panels, meticulously crafted with cold-formed steel studs, exterior sheathing, and the STO stucco product. These panels have been expertly installed by our skilled workers, ensuring precise integration into the buildings’ overall design.

The utilization of the STO stucco product has not only enhanced the Nordic Condos’ visual appeal but also provided enhanced protection against the elements and improved insulation properties. By prioritizing sustainability and adopting innovative construction techniques, the Nordic Condos project is poised to establish a new benchmark for contemporary condominium developments in Toronto.

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