Linhaven LTC Home Redevelopment, St. Catharine’s

CFS & Hollowcore

Project: Linhaven LTC Home Redevelopment, St. Catharine’s

Category: Long Term Care

Date Started: Aug 2022

Date Completed: Ongoing


The project involves the redevelopment of a non-combustible, five-storey 220,000 SQFT structure that will accommodate 256 LTC (Long-Term Care) beds and a Senior Community Hub, along with a 6800 sqft mechanical penthouse. The hub includes various amenities such as a library, chapel, café, diner, auditorium, outdoor spaces, and a hair salon. As part of our contribution, we installed prefabricated exterior composite metal panels, Blueskin, Interior load bearing and exterior windbearing steel frames, interior door and window frames, boarding, taping, and roof parapets.