Linhaven LTC Home Redevelopment, St. Catharine’s

CFS & Hollowcore

Project: Linhaven LTC Home Redevelopment, St. Catharine’s

Category: Long Term Care

Date Started: Aug 2022

Date Completed: Ongoing


The Linhaven LTC Home Redevelopment project in St. Catharine’s, commenced in August 2022 and currently ongoing, is a transformative initiative in the long-term care sector. The project entails the comprehensive redevelopment of a non-combustible, five-storey structure spanning an impressive area of 220,000 square feet. Upon completion, the facility will accommodate 256 LTC (Long-Term Care) beds and feature a Senior Community Hub, alongside a 6800 square foot mechanical penthouse.

The Senior Community Hub is designed to enhance the quality of life for residents, offering a range of amenities including a library, chapel, café, diner, auditorium, outdoor spaces, and a hair salon. These amenities are meticulously integrated into the facility to create a vibrant and supportive community environment for residents and visitors alike.

As part of our contribution to the Linhaven LTC Home Redevelopment project, we provided a range of essential services, including the installation of prefabricated exterior composite metal panels, Blueskin, interior load-bearing and exterior wind-bearing steel frames, interior door and window frames, boarding, taping, and roof parapets. These services are crucial in ensuring the structural integrity, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of the facility, aligning with the highest standards of quality and safety in long-term care construction.

The Linhaven LTC Home Redevelopment project represents our commitment to excellence in delivering state-of-the-art facilities that cater to the evolving needs of the long-term care community. As the project progresses, our dedicated team remains focused on delivering superior results that prioritize the well-being and comfort of residents and contribute to the enhancement of the St. Catharine’s community as a whole.


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