Hyatt Airport Road, Mississauga

Project: Hyatt Airport Road, Mississauga

Category: Industrial

Date Started: April 2023

Date completed: ongoing


The Hyatt Airport Road project in Mississauga embarked on its construction journey in April 2023 and continues to make strides toward its completion, with ongoing efforts to deliver a remarkable addition to the city’s industrial landscape. This ambitious endeavor encompasses the construction of a new hotel complex, poised to redefine hospitality in the area.

At the heart of the project lies the Hyatt Place/House Toronto Airport Corporate Centre, an impressive 8-storey hotel that promises to offer unparalleled comfort and convenience to its guests. Boasting a total of 248 meticulously designed units, the hotel aims to cater to the diverse needs of travelers visiting the vibrant corporate center of Mississauga.

The scope of work for the project spans across various aspects of construction, including framing, drywall installation, insulation, and more. Each component is meticulously executed to ensure the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, reflecting the Hyatt brand’s commitment to excellence.

The Hyatt Airport Road project is not just about constructing a building; it’s about creating an inviting and welcoming space that reflects the spirit of hospitality. From the moment guests step foot into the hotel, they will be greeted with a blend of modern amenities, thoughtful design elements, and exceptional service, promising an unforgettable stay experience.

As construction progresses, the Hyatt Airport Road project stands as a testament to innovation and dedication in the industrial sector. With its prime location and commitment to providing a superior guest experience, it is poised to become a landmark destination in Mississauga, setting new standards for hospitality in the region.