Brampton Court House Renovation, Brampton

Project: Brampton Court House Renovation, Brampton

Category: Institutional

Date Started: Aug 2022

Date Completed: Ongoing


The Brampton Court House Renovation project in Brampton, initiated in August 2022 and currently ongoing, is a significant endeavor in the institutional construction sector. The project encompasses the construction of a six-storey addition, covering an expansive area of 110,000 square feet, to seamlessly integrate with the existing courthouse infrastructure. Phase 1 of the project entails outfitting two floors with essential facilities such as courtrooms, waiting areas, and judicial chambers, while the remaining floors are earmarked for completion in Phase 2. Moreover, as part of the comprehensive renovation plan, both the existing courthouse and the adjacent Land Registry building will undergo partial renovations to enhance their functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Key services provided in this project include interior steel framing, drywall installation, insulation implementation, acoustic ceiling installation, and taping. These essential services contribute to the structural integrity, functionality, and visual appeal of the renovated spaces, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

The Brampton Court House Renovation project stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in institutional construction, blending modern design concepts with functional efficiency to meet the diverse needs of legal professionals, staff, and visitors alike. As the project progresses through its phases, our dedicated team remains focused on delivering superior results that align with the client’s vision and expectations, ultimately contributing to the enhancement of the Brampton community’s judicial infrastructure.

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